About Us

About Us

Meteor Training is a unique capacity building and development trainings provider organization established to provide human skill development globally. Meteor Training is a private enterpreneurship, registered in Turkey. Its core mission is to support Companies and Organizations in Private sector to enhance the productive capabilities of their human capital for sustained productivity and performance in the context of sustainable development and achievement of the Development Goals.

Our professional development training programs are responsive to the needs of organizations from all over the world.

Meteor Training is administrated by leading idealists who are high level specialist with experience. Its trainers possess high level academic and professional qualifications from top universities and leading educational institutions around the world.


Meteor Training prides itself on its success in integrating capacity building and development trainings into client consulting services to create a successful sustainable development partnership. We believe that development trainings are measured not only by the advice provided, but also the capacity developed for our clients, be they public or private sector corporate clients. Meteor Training strives to transfer the core tools and managerial know-how to our clients, to enable them to manage their projects satisfactorily to meet perceived objectives.

We currently have effective systems and structures in place to provide and conduct courses in English, Turkish . Arrangement of other than these languages (French, Arabic etc..) are also subject to number of people who will participate for development training program.

Each course is designed and delivered according to your needs: from off-the-shelf public courses to tailoring existing material or creating completely new content based on specific business objectives. Our specialists will help you from the start and ultimately provide a range of delivery solutions that fits you..


    We are here to listen to you, understand your career and training needs, and provide you solutions for it. Having a career plan is important. Yet, it can be a challenge to know just where to start. Whether you need career advice or information on training, the Meteor Training can help you. With our dedicated instructors, learn how you can future-proof your employability.

    We are committed to supporting people of any age in their pursuit of knowledge and in-demand skills. Together with our instructors and admission staff, we deliver quality training courses to suit diverse learning needs.

    Here at Meteor Training, we view learning as an opportunity to connect with others. Beyond new skills, and exchanging ideas, you will get to share your mutual experiences and make new friends.


    Located in the heart of Istanbul/Turkey, Meteor Training offers customisable pay-per-use spaces . Our lecture & event halls and training rooms are equipped with advanced in-room technologies and AV systems to support your events for your staff.

    Meteor Training facilitates strategic industry connections. Improving our network of employers and industry experts, get insights on sector and market issues and industry-specific trends.

    At Meteor Training, we believe that innovation drives the way people learn. Through collaborations with our instructors and partners, we explore and adopt solutions to make learning accessible. With a diverse range of formal and blended-learning programmes, we facilitate learning on the-go.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Each day course session takes 4 hours from 9:00 to 13:00. We kept it half day for effective learning and trainees to contribute his work online for another half day or have a free time to discover the city.

Yes , there will be. But please note that, Meteor Training is responsible only for Training Events. That means, we do not interfere for accomodation and flight tickets arrangements of the trainee.

No. Meteor Training is open for tailor made trainings and activities based on requests.

Once you book a training, Meteor Training always keeps you updated through emails in case of an abnormal security situation raised in host country.

English and Turkish. Arrangment of teaching language in Arabic or any other languages are subject to crowd of number of trainees.

Our team members would give detailed information regarding to address of Training venue. First day help from the trainee's hotel to training venue can be provided based on request.

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What things are included in course fee?

Everything related with training; Tutorial fees, training location and equipment, coffee breaks, material & supplies are included in course fees excluding Hotel&Flight arrangements


Are the Training Courses held only in Istanbul city?

Meteor Training is eligible to arrange the training defaulty in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa cities.

  • Certificates

    All trainings are awarded with Meteor Training Certificates to all trainees.

  • Airport Transfer for Pickup/Drop-off

    First day pick up service from airport on arrival and last day drop off to airport for departure

  • Coffee Break

    Each training day, your complimentary coffee break menu is waiting for you.

  • Local Transportation Card

    You can own your free in-city transportation card to use in every public transportation facilities.

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