CP110- Energy Purchasing & Contract Negotiation

$3500 USD
Available Dates: Anytime

Key Learning Objectives

  • Effectively evaluate energy provider options and proposals
  • Favourably negotiate contract terms
  • Integrate competitive energy procurement into an efficient energy management program
  • Optimise your energy procurement and negotiation process
  • Mitigate financial risks and energy price exposure
  • Manage the energy market’s volatility to secure best prices
  • Simplify the RFP process to attract competitive and timely bids

About the Course

Build your understanding of how to more effectively negotiate energy prices and contracts for your company. Learn how the experts secure favourable outcomes for high energy users.

Discover up to date information about the potential impact of changes to energy prices and your contractual obligations with the potential repeal of the price on carbon, operation of the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) and the introduction of the Direct Action Scheme. In this one day course, you will discover items critical to successful energy procurement and the contracting process for both electricity and natural gas.

Who Will Benefit

This course is particularly suitable for:

  • Procurement professionals
  • Energy Contract Managers
  • Sustainability/Environmental Managers
  • Energy Tender Managers
  • Financial Controllers and Accountants

Other people who might also benefit are:

  • Operations/Facilities Managers
  • Legal personnel
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Compliance/Controls Managers

When & Where


CP110- Energy Purchasing & Contract Negotiation

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

September 06, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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