EM106- Asset & Maintenance Management: Auditing & Benchmarking

$4000 USD
Available Dates: Anytime

Key Learning Objectives

  • Relate business performance to the best practices in asset and maintenance management: to assess its impact in your business
  • Discover leading asset management practices, methodologies and technologies
  • Learn to translate best and appropriate practices into clear deliverables
  • Understand the impact of performance gaps on business risk and equipment performance within the ISO 5500X Asset Management System framework
  • Learn how to set up an auditing function and manage audits programs
  • Design and conduct audits to correctly assess asset management and maintenance processes that close performance gaps
  • Benchmark your organisational practices internally and comparatively against other companies
  • Better understand the auditing process and application of audit tools through practical reviews of case studies and actual audit results

Who Will Benefit

The course is ideally suited to enable asset owners, asset management and maintenance practitioners to support asset management maturity growth and subsequent business improvement.

  • Plant and equipment owners
  • Asset and maintenance practitioners and consultants
  • Maintenance managers
  • Quality and compliance managers
  • Reliability engineers
  • Business improvement leaders
  • Lead auditors and audit team members

About the Course

There is an underlying and basic requirement for continual improvement in organisations irrespective of the economic climate. Given the huge impact that maintenance and asset management have on safety, costs and production output, as well as the increasing tendency for operations and maintenance departments to be asked to do ‘more with less’ – it is essential that maintenance and operations managers strive toward the implementation of best practices Asset and maintenance management audits are a key enabler, together with other continual improvement activities, to help you achieve optimal process and performance maturity levels leading to increased profitability.

This course will enable you to develop a clearly-stated and powerful vision for asset and maintenance improvement for your organisation and introduce you to the applicable tools required for its successful implementation.

The application of appropriate and best practices enables the increasing dependency on effective information management and the analysis of this information to identify the less obvious opportunities for improvement in productivity and savings. The ability not only to assess asset management maturity and performance against internal benchmarks, but also relate to external benchmarking provides organisation leaders the ability to verify and adjust strategic direction with confidence.

The recent release of the ISO 5500X series on Asset Management Systems contextualises application of Asset and Maintenance Management Auditing. This course is designed to bring together all these elements to demonstrate the practical execution of audits in support of business improvement and business continuity.

When & Where


EM106- Asset & Maintenance Management: Auditing & Benchmarking

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

September 11, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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