EM110- Pneumatic Conveying Fundamentals

$4000 USD
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Key Learning Objectives

  • Review modes of conveying (dilute and dense phase pneumatic conveying)
  • Examine types of systems (positive pressure, vacuum, pull/push, closed loop)
  • Grasp fundamental science for gas and solids flow through pipelines
  • Learn vital terminology (saltation and pickup velocity, solids loading ratio)
  • How to read a state diagram illustrating system performance
  • Consider the four primary system components (gas mover, silo/feeder, pipeline/bends, separator)
  • Review the selection of key primary system components, such as elbows and line chargers
  • Discuss features of solids separators (including cyclones, filter/collectors, bag houses)
  • Dense phase conveying technology
  • Troubleshoot conveying problems (including wear, attrition, rate limitation, plugging)

About the Course

This course provides delegates with a fundamental grounding in the key areas of bulk solids pneumatic conveying system selection, design, and troubleshooting. Strategies for alleviating costly conveying problems are presented, as well as proven techniques to design equipment so that it operates efficiently, safely, and reliably from the start.

In this course, a review of gas/solids flow fundamentals is presented, including common pneumatic conveying problems, modes of transport in a pipeline, and how scale-model tests can be used to effectively design or evaluate systems that are operating poorly. Conveying line solids feeders are reviewed, as well as a discussion of proven pipeline layout rules and elbow/bend selection criteria.

Specialised topics of dense phase conveying systems and gas/solids separators, such as cyclones, filters, or bag houses are presented. Theory is supplemented with real-life industrial case histories to illustrate the complex concepts taught. Practical exercises are also
provided to help increase participant understanding of the course theory and application.

Who Will Benefit

Those involved with designing, selecting, troubleshooting, maintaining, or purchasing pneumatic conveying equipment. Job titles include, but are not limited to:
Plant and project managers

  • Operation or process managers
  • Project, process, and maintenance engineers
  • Unit operators and superintendents
  • Personnel new to the field of pneumatic conveying

When & Where


EM110- Pneumatic Conveying Fundamentals

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

September 11, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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