EM121-Maintenance Role Training & Coaching

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate that the value chain of any enterprise relies on the contribution of the people organisation
  • Clarify the definition of people productivity and human reliability
  • Apply a business process approach as a foundation to define roles and responsibilities and ultimately, effective organisational structures and a mentally healthy work force
  • Relate to the basics of maintenance roles and responsibilities
  • Apply and practice the application of effective tools to manage roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitate and control the on-boarding and development processes to ‘commission’ individuals and teams into their roles
  • Gain tips, tools and tricks in understanding the art of training and coaching
  • The hard and soft side of role enabling and people management
  • Apply continual improvement processes in context, monitoring and improving performance
  • Experience case studies on the effectiveness of applying these practices and the achieved outcomes

About the Course

How do we manage change to personnel as effectively as we do to change to hardware?

High performing teams do not happen by coincidence. It is a designed outcome where the performance expectations are clearly defined, understood and facilitated based on a structured and engaging management framework.

The foundation required to support role and team enabling is provided through the application of a combination of structured coaching methodologies and a documented framework. This outcome relies on an increased level of maturity in managing people in a tough environment with high turnover and high cost of experienced personnel.

Not ignoring the crucial and basic people aspects of the enabling process, much of the issues typically experienced in organisations can be resolved by managing the basics well. This seems obvious but it has been shown that for many reasons, this goal is often not attained. Ironically, sometimes as result of focusing too much on the soft side of managing this process.

This course provides the practical mechanisms and tools to support effective on-boarding, with coaching practices. Many case studies are presented on the effectiveness of applying these practices. Exercises are facilitated to demonstrate tools and applications and to familiarise participants with the various processes and activities.

Who Will Benefit

The course is ideally suited to assist the following maintenance and business improvement leader roles to re-assess their people management approaches in pursuit of productivity and a mentally healthy workforce:

  • Maintenance Managers, Superintendents and Supervisors
  • Team Leaders, Reliability Engineers, Planners and Coordinators
  • Trainers, Coaches and Mentors
  • Business Improvement Leaders and Facilitators
  • Business Process Engineers and Analysts

When & Where


EM121-Maintenance Role Training & Coaching

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

September 11, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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