EM130- Bulk Materials Handling Fundamentals

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Review case studies for systems handling iron ore, coal, and other mining materials
  • Understand bulk material flow properties and their use in design and troubleshooting
  • Examine various bulk material feeders and discuss key selection criteria
  • Review bulk material handling systems needed for safe and environmentally sensitive areas
  • Learn about mining and mineral equipment for material processing, sizing, and conveying
  • Discuss options for bulk material stacking, reclaiming, ship/rail loading and unloading
  • Recognise common flow problems and how to prevent them from occurring
  • Learn about storage system discharge patterns in bins, hoppers, silos, and stockpiles
  • Examine system throughput requirements based on mass and volumetric flow rates

About the Course

This course provides participants with a thorough review of basic principles and practices for selection of bulk material equipment and handling systems.

The course starts with an overview of bulk material handling considerations, including the important discussion of key material properties required for effective equipment/system selection and design. An emphasis is made upon mining and mineral materials, such as coal, iron ore, bauxite, etc. A review of bulk material flow fundamentals will be presented, including common flow problems, types of flow patterns in storage equipment, including silos, bins, and stockpiles. Feeder selection is discussed, with an emphasis on applications involving high tonnage rates and abrasive bulk materials.

System selection criteria, such as site location, topography, environmental considerations, and fixed equipment vs mobile or semi-mobile requirements, are reviewed. Equipment sizing based on throughput needs, buffering and surge capacity, and material flow properties is also analysed. Equipment operational requirements for maintenance and strategies that can be utilised to avoid premature failure or reduced system performance are presented throughout the course.

The field of bulk material handling is often considered a “black art”; however, with the knowledge gained in this course, effective decisions can be made for selection of appropriate equipment for challenging bulk materials. The course notes are supplemented with many practical examples to illustrate important concepts.

Who will benefit

Course Level: Beginner/Intermediate
This course is geared towards arming the participant with knowledge of the basics of bulk material equipment selection and operation in a high throughput environment.

  • Engineers who work/have an interest in bulk material handling
  • New and graduate engineers
  • Operating and maintenance personnel
  • Project and operations managers for bulk material handling projects
  • Non-technical people who work with/consult to the industry
  • Those who make investment decisions on bulk handling systems

When & Where


EM130- Bulk Materials Handling Fundamentals

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

September 11, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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