OG113-Understanding Global Oil, Gas & LNG Pricing

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Review the global oil, natural gas and LNG industries
  • Review the natural gas markets in North America, European and Asia, including price trends
  • Recognise the role and importance of gas storage days, the strategic petroleum reserve, and OGEC
  • Discuss the indexation of the price of natural gas to the price of oil and the role played in determining the final market price of natural gas
  • Discover the concept of Energy Equivalent Pricing of natural gas
    Analyse LNG pricing using the “S” curve formula
  • Recognise how hedging and speculation strategies are used for financial gain or to mitigate the corporate risk confronting business and government your one

About the Course

This 4-day intensive course is designed to provide participants with an applied and working knowledge and understanding of the current global spot price trends in oil, natural gas and LNG. The course begins with an introduction to global oil and gas industry including production, consumption, and international trade.

Discussion will centre on existing global reserves as well as the depletion of reserves. The course then builds the discussion around the various spot markets including Henry Hub, the UK’s NBP and the JCC in the Asia Pacific region. We examine the significance of the indexation of natural gas prices with the oil price and we examine the Energy Equivalent Pricing of natural gas. We also review the current trends in the relationship between oil and gas prices. The role of the “S” curve pricing model will also be developed.

Discussion on the role of the futures market for the purposes of financial risk management. While the spot and futures markets operate separately, we identify the price convergence theory of these markets which is helpful when seeking to forecast prices. Trading strategies and the rationale for using one strategy over the other will be discussed. This discussion is supported by numerous practical examples throughout the course to assist with understanding the material.

Who Will Benefit

  • Those in the oil and gas industry who would like to gain a working knowledge of oil and gas pricing and financial risk management
  • Professional services – lawyers, accountants, auditors, consultants with direct or indirect business in the oil and gas industry who wish to improve their understanding of, and service to, their clients
  • Public servants employed by the federal and state governments in treasury, finance, procurement, state development, infrastructure and planning with managerial and oversight responsibility in the oil, LNG and CSG industries.

When & Where


OG113-Understanding Global Oil, Gas & LNG Pricing

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

November 02, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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