OG123-Underground Gas Storage (UGS) Fundamentals

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Overview of the importance of UGS worldwide
  • Understand key drivers for UGS and how UGS can be a game changer in gas industry
  • Understand geological prerequisites
  • Examine the differences between salt cavern and depleted reservoir UGS
  • Examine the technical, commercial and regulatory fundamentals of UGS
  • Developer/owner/operator of UGS facilities’ risk/reward profile
  • UGS customer who leases capacity risk/reward profile
  • Gain insights into the current and future requirements for UGS

Who Will Benefit

  • Those in technical, commercial, regulatory, marketing, management and leadership positions in a gas storage development/operations organisations
  • Advisors and leadership in financial institutions seeking to lend finances to capital intensive UGS projects
  • Government technical and commercial regulators of UGS
  • Those in commercial, managerial and leadership positions with large gas end users, retailers, traders, financial institutions, gas production companies, and pipeline companies who may lease capacity in an UGS facility in the future
  • Consultants and policy makers

About the Course

The course begins by examining the generally accepted categories of UGS by commercial application, location within a gas grid, and by technical features. The general attributes of such UGS facilities will be discussed for each category.

A benchmarking of UGS facilities in OECD countries highlights the importance of this sector in an efficient and open gas market to all sectors of the gas industry.

Some examples of best in class UGS facilities from around the world will be presented as case studies and the unique and tailor made regulatory environment that UGS facilities demand will be discussed.

The value of UGS to various market participants will be examined and how this value evolves as the local gas market matures, along with a look at risk assessment and mitigation.

Finally the roles of the storage owner/operator and its customers will be discussed as well as the relationship between owner/operator and its customers.

The course material will be supplemented with various practical examples and illustrations of concepts taught to assist learning.

When & Where


OG123-Underground Gas Storage (UGS) Fundamentals

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

November 02, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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