OG136-Shale, Tight & Unconventional Gas Fundamentals

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand geologic definitions and reservoir characteristics of shale and tight
  • Explore various concepts, terminology, oil and gas composition and processing
  • Compare and contrast conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Review the 10 key US developments that have allowed unconventional to exceed conventional
  • Assess the impacts of unconventionals on global markets and activity
    Comprehend the reasons why shale and tight rock had been overlooked for so long
  • Discover 7 critical issues for evaluating development potential in new areas
  • Identify the equipment and services required for shale and tight rock reservoirs
  • Understand well design options and issues
  • Analyse methods and tests to calculate oil and gas volumes and forecast production rates
  • Review hydraulic fracturing, its design features and environmental issues

About the Course

This 4-day introductory course explains what is unique about developing oil and gas from shale and tight rock reservoirs.

Several examples and videos will also be presented to help provide an overview of the fundamental terms and concepts applied in developing oil and gas reservoirs. This course is most appropriate for those involved with the oil and gas industry who would like more information about the terminology and technical aspects of development, and possible environmental issues such as fracking, without digging deeply into the technical details normally reserved for specialists.

The demand for this course has been driven by the huge recent success in extracting both oil and gas from these abundant, though complex reservoirs. The success has disrupted local and global energy markets and forecasts and has significantly changed the essential training requirements for companies, universities and individuals.

Who Will Benefit

This course will benefit all industry stakeholders who require basic knowledge of the technical and operational issues involved with shale gas, shale oil or tight reservoir development.

  • Oil and gas industry participants
  • Investors and industry analysts
  • Service and equipment providers
  • Regulators
  • Support staff (accountants, IT, human resources, administrative, procurement, legal and land representatives, etc.)

When & Where


OG136-Shale, Tight & Unconventional Gas Fundamentals

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

November 02, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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