OG138-Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the global make-up of the oil and gas industry, its jargon and its challenges
  • Gain awareness of the oil and gas field life cycle
  • Discover petroleum exploration and appraisal methods
  • Appreciate oil and gas reserves estimation and the associated uncertainty
  • Understand field development planning and development concepts
  • Determine the basic components of oil and gas production, processing and refining
  • Review the abandonment and environmental issues associated with the industry

About the Course

This intensive 4-day course will provide participants with a solid framework on which to build an understanding of the technologies, concepts, methods and language used in upstream oil and gas projects.

The technical and commercial building blocks of a typical oil and gas field life cycle will be explored; how a venture progresses from the point of acquiring a license, through exploration, appraisal, field development, production and decommissioning. Links to the downstream refining and the LNG business will also be briefly covered.

Participants will discover how oil and gas moves from reservoir to market and understand how the industry is organised around this activity chain.

Who Will Benefit

This course is a basic level introductory course. It is designed for people who want understanding of how the upstream oil and gas business works and is organised. It is designed to provide an awareness of how the oil and gas business works and a framework on which participants can build more detail.

When & Where


OG138-Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

November 02, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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