OG139-An Introduction to LNG

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the LNG industry globally
  • An overview of petroleum formation
  • Conventional versus unconventional gas production
  • Understanding gas fields (appraisal, modelling, reservoir estimations etc)
  • Gas liquefaction, storage and transport
  • CO2 disposal options and why these are increasingly important
  • From wellhead to burner – understanding the LNG value chain
  • LNG receiving terminals – how they work and what they cost
  • Changing and future trends in LNG
  • What are the hazards and how does the industry deal with them?
  • Contractual options for LNG production
  • Funding LNG projects and contractual options for LNG sales

About the Course

The LNG industry is arguably the most important and dynamic energy export industry in the world and is increasingly underpinning economies at both the export and import end of the chain.

This course will enable you to understand why gas is liquefied to enable secure, economic transport of large volumes of gas. It will explain the specialised processes that are needed to liquefy, store, transport and re-gas natural gas to make it an internationally viable source of clean energy.

It will provide insight into the future of LNG in the face of increasing global pressure to minimise carbon dioxide pollution through carbon taxes and trading systems and to realise how the LNG market is changing from offshore to onshore gas through the success of unconventional gas production.

By looking at the complex and inter-related aspects of the LNG chain, you will get a holistic understanding of the LNG.

Who Will Benefit:

This course will provide valuable insights for:

  • Technical and non-technical employees in the LNG industry
  • LNG marketers
  • Those involved in the LNG support industry
  • Advisers to the LNG industry
  • Government personnel involved in supporting the LNG industry
  • Journalists and analysts dealing with the gas industry

When & Where


OG139-An Introduction to LNG

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

November 02, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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