STM109-Performance Management For Government And Not-For-Profit

$4000 USD
Available Dates: Anytime

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the practical success factors to strengthen your organisation’s strategy execution capability
  • Find out what are the key attributes of a strategic plan that then facilitates to subsequent successful execution of that plan
  • Learn the importance of aligning strategy with the culture of the organisation
  • Understand the special challenges of successful strategy execution within an NFP organisation
  • Develop your take-away practical action plan to improve the strategy execution performance of your organisation

About the Course

Measuring and managing performance is a fundamental aspect of management in all organisations, regardless of ownership, purpose or size. Government and Not-For-Profits (hereafter “NFPs”) have certain specific issues to be addressed on this subject, and our course highlights the issues in both concept and practice.

“Performance Management” is a term often considered in terms of managing people / employees, but in this programme we consider the subject from two key perspectives:

  • Measuring and managing the NFP as a whole
  • The people / employee dimension of performance management

A key element of the course is the concept of “what gets measured gets managed” and the underlying necessity of selecting the relevant KPIs – for both the NFP as a whole and the individual employee.

KPI selection is too often a weak link in management, and we will focus upon the methodology of selecting the most appropriate KPIs and then of using those KPIs in planning and monitoring situations.

Who Will Benefit

The course is aimed at those responsible for the overall business management and the management of people / employees of NFPs, big and STMall.

In addition to top level business managers (CEOs and equivalent) the programme is especially suitable for those involved in:

  • Business planning, monitoring and management review at both organisational and departmental levels
  • HR managers who see the need to strengthen alignment between the organisation’s overall goals / strategy and the individual employee, at all levels of seniority

When & Where


STM109-Performance Management For Government And Not-For-Profit

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

November 05, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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