STM124-Decision Making for Executives

$4000 USD
Available Dates: Anytime

Key Learning Objectives

  • Ascertain risks, uncertainties, objectives and alternatives in an executive decision-making environment
  • Understand reversible, irreversible, ‘right’, ‘wrong’, fast and slow decisions
  • Gather crucial data and resources to assist the decision-making process
  • Leverage and apply decision making tools and techniques
  • Identify the underlying organisational challenges and decision implications
  • Determine appropriate situations for involving others in a decision-making process
  • Develop confidence with executing decisions during uncertainty
  • Critically and fairly review decisions made by others

About the Course

An ability to consistently make decisions with confidence and clarity is essential to being productive and respected in the business environment.

This requires a range of skills, including: sensitivity, awareness, logic, critical thinking, creativity, analysis, empathy, assertiveness, information gathering as well as having good self esteem and well defined values.

Strategic decisions often entail considerable risks and can have long-range implications for the organisation.

In this course, participants will learn how to apply formal decision-making processes in order to reduce risk and choose the best course of action for their organisation.

Some people appear to be natural decision makers while others struggle to arrive at a decision on any matters, whether big or STMall.

Poor decision making can cost time, money and diminish peace of mind. However, the process of making decisions can be learned and if an appropriate decision making technique is properly applied, the probability of making consistently sound decisions can be significantly improved.

This course will teach methods and techniques for making critical decisions in a challenging environment with limited time and resources to ensure consistently good outcomes for your organisation.

Who Will Benefit

This course is a priority for executives, managers, and team leaders responsible for their organisations’ strategic and operational decisions.

When & Where


STM124-Decision Making for Executives

5* Hotel (Name to be confirmed)

November 05, 2019

from 9 AM to 13:00 PM (4 Days)

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